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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
This guy does things pretty old school with his tools and jigs. His reply was "the closest thing to 25,000 dollar grinder is thats half his salary".
If the blades are ground one at a time, then backlapped, then they are being relief ground. :
:: There is a grinder company based in England selling the No relief grind thing. I am not impressed with a mower that is totally dull and pulling at the grass in one week's time needing to go back to be reground at a shop. I can see a mower needing a backlap in 2 weeks and a full regrind in a year. The shops that spin grind only sell a lot of replacement McLane and Tru-Cut reels. Those jobs are not cheap either. Think around $500-600. A mower that is backlapped and not spin ground excessively can be on its original reel for a long time. Spin grind only and the reel lasts 2 years if you are lucky.
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