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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
Is it practical to install brackets and outfit the McLane mower with a Weihle roller? Sure seems like that would help it do a better job. I looked at the front view on their web site and saw the small wheels. I do not have a good understanding of what the back end rides on.

Bet the OP's customer never dreamed they would stir things up to this extent. We may be able to get that yard down to 1 1/2" yet.
The retired golf super at the lawn bowling green I treat described how his golf mechanic welded a Weihle roller to where the casters were supposed to be. It worked great. The other fault of the McLane reel mower is plastic wheels with a rubber skin on them. The rear of the mower has a chain driven roller that is the drive mechanism. When that is dropped on the ground by throwing a lever and the deadman belt clutch is engaged, the mower goes forward. Like a greensmower, the clip rate is matched to the travel speed. Simple, but highly effective. People that know their grass say that a McLane in good condition mows better than a Tru-Cut. Tru-Cut mowers will allow severe mismatches of travel speed and clip rate. The fact that there is no roller at all makes Tru-Cut mowers extremely sensitive to defects in the ground.

I am in the process of modifying a McLane so it has a front grooved metal roller and the side rear plastic wheels are replaced with a roller. Height adjustment will be via both the front and back. Micrometer bolts, not the lever held in place with a spring. There are places where I cannot get my Greensmaster into, but the stock McLane leaves much to be desired as far as the ability to track the ground and maintain a level cut. I already replaced the front casters with a concrete filled pipe roller, but the side rear wheels are garbage. They make it impossible to set a height and maintain it. The Greensmaster will cut a less than pool table flat lawn without leaving gouges, scalp lines or areas of thick grass in depressions.

Get that yard down to 11/2'? Sure can. Convert it to all KBG, put in a full irrigation system, and you have to be the one treating it. Not some $5 per 1000 outfit throwing urea. I still wonder how I would adapt to a cool season area. Mowing high and no irrigation is so foreign to me.
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