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Originally Posted by Turboguy View Post
I didn't try it but I doubt that most of those would show up on the first 10 pages. There are two that a Google search should show very high.
It was a demonstration that Google doesn't index them. The #1 result is my use of Lawnsite's keyword tag (via content, not the tag) in a 2012 post on the topic.

Originally Posted by Turboguy View Post
Still for the 5 minutes it takes to add keywords, why not!
Because it's a waste of 5 minutes that can be better spent on something else? I guess I'll address it from a different angle than it just being a wheel-spinning time-waster.

From a beneficial-to-me standpoint, I like them. Takes 5 seconds to scrape the targeted keywords that my closest 50 potential competitors have on their own lawn care sites. It's a one-stop-shop for competitive intelligence. If your competitor has an SEO working for them, that's worth anything, it's in their mix of tools to beat you, too. It's just becoming less valuable because those that know what they're doing (likely the ones I want to pass in rank) don't make it that easy anymore. For those, we still have file names, TITLE and alt's.
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