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hmmmm.... Lazer Z with 1300 hours. Not too bad. If it is good i would go for it in a heartbeat if i had the $$$$. Question though, do you have equip for lawns that are too small for the lazer? What kind of terrain will you be doing mostly? Up here where i live there are alot of hills and steep slopes, with that in mind i had to go with a walk behind HP Exmark. I have had experience in the past with Lazer style mowers. Inclines were not the strong point. I have not been on one in 5 years though so they probably have improved. Straight open lawns and fields i would definatly go for it though. It would save you a ton of time. Ask your dealer to see a productivity chart for the mower vs a walkbehind. 2700 aint bad though. New they are like 9G to 11G. Too much money for a poor ol lawn guy like myself. Maybe next month though. lol. Good luck with your decision. Hope it turns out well for you. Let us know.
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