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Originally Posted by jcan View Post
Thanks Jeff ^ lots of good info in those links you attached, I looked at them closely and most of my problems/symptoms seem to be possibly leading back to tps problems. I took it to my nearest dealer and let them see the what was going on and they assured me it was tps problems especially on how old my mower is and amount of hours. They priced me out a whole new tps setup with intake and manifold for $320. Has anyone had this similar problem? I would like to check the fuel pressure but how might I go about that? I've never done it so I wouldn't know
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I have seen a few issues... Most were on high hour units that had a worn throttle shaft which sends incorrect signals from the TPS to the ECU.

Does the dealer you took your unit to have the Diagnostic Software? If so, once the ECU is linked up to the software, it should be pretty clear where the problem lies.

On the fuel rail there is a schrader valve in front of the manifold/TPS. That is where a fuel pressure gauge connects to read fuel pressure... Min of 39 PSI!

I had a Walker mower that I was pulling my hair out on as I could not duplicate the customers complaint... Which was that the unit would run for a "while" and then loose power and die. I checked the codes and cleared them. Reran the unit, and it ran fine! Called the customer and he picked it up to use. Brought it back in a few hours with the same problem. I checked codes again, none since my reset! I checked fuel pressure again and it was fine. I called the customer and talked about the exact details of the issue... Long story shorter, he came back and drove the unit around with my pressure gauge hanging on the side if the unit for approx. 45 minutes... Then the unit started to loose power and spit! I checked fuel pressure and it was bouncing between 20-about 28 PSI then back up to 39 PSI! When it was reading the 39 PSI it would run fine, but act up when the pressure dropped!
It ended up being fine sediment in the fuel tank that would slowly restrict the fuel pickup screen in the tank... When the unit was shut off or died, the fuel system lost the vacuum and drained back into the tank and "self cleaned" the screen... Until the unit was started, used and became restricted again!
I was glad to finally find that problem and get it resolved... Still running today, no problems... Or codes...
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