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•It's grass not brain surgery, no one is going to die cause the grass isn't cut
•No I don't like phone calls on a Saturday night about your garden
•Picking up dog crap is not on our schedule
•If you are going to be consistently late for meetings, don't be surprised if I don't turn up at appointed time
• You asked for a reduction in costs, we are not going to provide the same service but for less money.
•Yes we can cut wet grass, we can't do every ones garden on the one dry day during the week
• I do take a holiday and no I can't be reached by email, text, facebook, phone.......
• Yes I know what I am doing and no I don't want to hire your 16 year old son for the summer
• I do care what your garden looks like, even if you don't
• We are professional trades people not peasants and serfs
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