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I was burnt out for a long time, got pretty low at one point last year. I guess being the , managing director / contracts manager / health and safety officer / the machine repair man / account / credit control / supervisor / large machine driver and garden designer took its toll. Going into the office and looking at the endless to do list. My day starts at 6am and now finishes at 3pm before was 5am to 7pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 7am to 5pm. 78 hours per week (I never added them up before, no wonder I was burnt out). In August last year I erased all my contacts off my phone, all email address. From that moment on if some one wanted me they had to phone me, I didn't "couldn't" call them. I unplugged my self from all multi media, it was liberating. On an average day I was receiving 70-100 emails and texts and 40-50 calls.
I now do less working in the business and more on the business. I am at this game a long time and needed some thing else to focus on. I am in the process of setting up an another company but with two partners, I am an ideas man, I can't do everything and that is why I have brought others on board. It's fantastic having other professional people to bounce ideas off. The landscape business can be a lonely one.

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