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Originally Posted by Richard Martin View Post
It's a name given to it by the original founders.

“Poughkeepsie” derives its name from a spring where Indians once gathered to weave lodges from the cattail reeds. These Native Americans called their meeting place “Uppuqui” (oo-poo-kee) meaning “lodge-covered”, plus “ipis” meaning “little water”, plus “ing” meaning “place”, all of which translated to “the reed-covered lodge by the little water place”, or “Uppuqui-ipis-ing”. This later evolved into “Apokeepsing”, then into “Poughkeepsing” and finally, “Poughkeepsie”.

Poughkeepsie is a place that most people on the East Coast have heard of, but they're not sure why. I think there was a famous person that lived there or something along those lines.

That's some good info there. I think a famous person did live in Poughkeepsie area or around. You may have heard of Vanderbilt Mansion. FDR's house and estate is still standing and there. I actually do some work at a very old apt building that was known to be his office area before it was turned into housing. Rick Okasek from the cars lives in I beliee millbrook about 10 minutes away from PK.
And this is a funny one but it was heard that Michael Jackson had a huge place on a road right near me right around he border of Poughkeepsie and pleasant valley. I have been to he driveway but not up it. Cameras are seen in the rock walls at the beginning of the driveway. Cannot see the house its way way back there. I was always so tempted to go up it ha
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