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Some more pics. Put a GoSlide on my Scag that I use in backyards with gates, while it's not ideal as it's a belt, it works great and the stripes look even better than before.

Last weekend was supposed to be the last race at Berm Benders but the weather decided otherwise, basically rained starting Friday night through Sunday morning. I was hoping to have 1 mud race this year but they canceled practice & races. They did the series award banquet and my buddies and I just drank beer the whole night and had a blast despite not being able to ride at all. I'll be racing this weekend for the final race of the year at a track I haven't been to since '06, near Motley, MN. The weather forecast looks decent after it's been in the upper 70s the past few days this week.

This is a pic of looking out at the track on Saturday morning from the camping area.

About 3 weeks ago I raced at the deep sand track in Grantsburg, WI. Tons of fun basically never letting off the gas and standing for a majority of the time! Plus Christian Craig (pro racer #44) was there, he has retired from pro racing and moved to MN (lives about 25 min from me) with his fiance and I believe he's working for her dad's company. I don't have any pics of him racing because he was on the track when I was on the line as my class was up right after him, bummed I couldn't see him ride but I'm sure he'll be at more tracks.

Leaning back and attempting to "give'r" in the sand
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