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Still waiting to hear about their future. As they are re-badged Kawasakis. They are excellent. Very reliable. But even the 8200 falls short of the Redmax 7050 (by quite a bit). I have a kawasaki krb700 (older version of the Maru 8200but almost identical). It's been an absolute champ of a blower. Dead reliable for years. Packed away for three years and then back into service for another couple years. Despite being worn out virtually everywhere, it still starts and runs in one or two pulls. I just might buy a new harness, and replace the busted heat shield. Trouble is Kaw handheld and Maru parts network is non-existant. Slow and expensive.

Absolutely a well made blower for regular use. Not my fist choice for leaf season.
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My dealer has Maruyama's as well as RedMax, et al. He likes the Maruyama's but complains that the parts availablity is killing him, but he is keeping them because they are good equipment. He had Dolmar but gave up on them due to no parts/assistance available. Said he sold a lot of their Chainsaws though and the customers loved them. He also has Tanaka but is giving them up also he says due to Tanaka going the low quality route and putting them in Walmart's, etc., damn shame also as I run Tanaka trimmers.
Was a Shindy dealer as well and when Echo screwed them up (his words) he dropped them. Damn shame as well cuz I still use Shindy chain and polesaws, absolutely love them! Oh well, plenty of good equipment out there, just go to weed through it to find the brand/kind you want, thank god he is going with an even bigger RedMax inventory, might have to go w/all RedMax lineup
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