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Like many of you guys, I really don't think electric equipment would work for me, or is anywhere near where it would have to be in order to be practical. I do make an effort though towards running things as sustainably as possible.

I mulch/side discharge clippings when possible. I've found a lot of benefits to this, its free fertilizer for one, no hauling away or dumping clippings, saves gas. I'm assuming my mower gets better fuel economy not running the vacuum all year. For the most part so far I avoid fertilizing unless necessary. No reason to dump more nitrogen and phosphorus into the ground water.

I also prefer to use undyed mulch when possible. I have a source for ceder mulch from a local sawmill that costs not too much more than the dyed stuff. I can upsell it a little if people are interested in it, and it lasts longer because its cedar.

I also try to avoid selling block work when dry laid stone would be just as effective and pleasing to the eyes. And no one really likes to inhale block dust.

Hopefully some of this behavior helps to offset the effects of all the gas my clumsy ass spills all the time.
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