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Core Aeration Advertising

I wanted to ask this in the other core aeration forum that's active, but didn't wanna hijack the forum.
I was able to obtain a Ryan LawnAire 28 earlier this year. I've been trying to push core aeration and the importance of this service to my customers by including bits of information in the invoices, as well as some reference sites to check out. Most of my customers have never heard of this service. I only know of two other companies in our town of about 120k people that offer this service. We have a lot of good soil in our area, but there's several areas of red clay, as well.
My question is, what's the best way to inform the customer without being overbearing or too pushy? As I said before, I added that information on invoices, and I also put a craigslist ad out with information cited from the Ryan turf care and classen turf care (same company) websites. My next thought has been to do what Noon did and make a video explaining and demonstrating the service. What else can I do?
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