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All very good points AGLA. Agreed.

I have seen one LA who was amazing with planting. Turned out to be one of our most beautiful jobs, in terms of planting. This is one photo from that job. Here is another photo. I really loved the layering, use of colors, mass plantings, and the shape of the lawn that LA chose. And those photos were just 4 months after install. It looks even more beautiful now, as plants have matured. Every spring and summer, this yard looks amazing. We still maintain this property, 5 years later. So apparently, there are some LAs who do have some great experience with planting. I just don't find that to be the norm.

An LA, as AGLA describes, who had a lot of experience in planting and residential design, that would be awesome! Just hasn't been the case with most of the ones I've run into over the years. I wish it was. Plus, there's always the matter of affordability too. Even if I did find one, they'd probably be too expensive for 90% of my clients.
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