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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
This is why you have the "TALK" right off the bat with new customers. Put it in BOLD writing in your policy and procedure paper new customers get. Theres never a problem when they get the 5 mows in a month in July. It's always the end of the month in December when you are hunting down the check and they present you with a half payment and the "why should I pay for a full month excuse". This is usually only a problem with the new to having a lawn service customers. You just have to find the route the customer understands. The per cut times 42 cuts over 12 months or 1 year divided by 12 months "I'm doing you a favor financing a year of service for you" tactic. Mine get the you are paying for a month of service, not a specific number of visits. You get more service for less money in summer and a little less for the same money in the winter.
I have had that same TALK with customers who have a short memory and are not aware of certain factors and issues. I do not charge extra for the occasions when I need to come at 14 day intervals to apply insecticides or herbicides to eradicate an infestation. No extra charge when I first acquire the account and it is a mess that the average landscaper would bulldoze and do over. No extra charge for when the zoysia or bermuda is incorrectly maintained and I need to take it down -4 inches in one week. Most "landscapers" and lawn people want big money for the one time cut down before they will even do routine mowing. I do have one that does not want to be on regular monthly service. Just calls me. Fine. Invoice for that account is what I would charge per month to service and a bit extra for the hassle.
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