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Originally Posted by chetty mo View Post
yeah thats why i joined this forum. the guys down at the john deere shop are very un friendly and they just try to get you to bring it in for millions of dollars. i was hoping there was someone on this site with more info than just go to the deere shop. thank you for your reply tho. ill just keep searching the net and figure it out. it only has 5 wires at the engine comp. 2 are 12 volt when key on and im not sure of the rest as to what they do yet. thanks again
Without specific model info it is going to be impossible to locate the correct wiring schematic..
Lesco mowers may have a sticker that says they are commercial ...but they are a homeowner POS
I would remove all the wiring and start from scratch....but then again..that's just me...
Good luck....
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