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Originally Posted by jcan View Post
Thanks Jeff ^ lots of good info in those links you attached, I looked at them closely and most of my problems/symptoms seem to be possibly leading back to tps problems. I took it to my nearest dealer and let them see the what was going on and they assured me it was tps problems especially on how old my mower is and amount of hours. They priced me out a whole new tps setup with intake and manifold for $320. Has anyone had this similar problem? I would like to check the fuel pressure but how might I go about that? I've never done it so I wouldn't know
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What if they install that and the problem still persists? It baffles me ,that with the hours u have,they did not mention the original fuel pump. Will they atleast check fuel pressure? Did u check your in-tank fuel line? It could be other things as well like injectors. If it were my machine,I would change the fuel pump myself due to your hours,and if it still ran bad,find a dealer with the software. As Jeff mentioned,that will point u right to the problem.

The EFI units on earlier models like ours are the equivalents of the closed loop systems first used on cars in the early 1980's........pretty simple ......just need to find a dealer with software who took the classes and the time to understand it.

Do a google search on Kohler efi service bulletins 267,268,and 269. Good info there that may pertain to your model.
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