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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Diamond, this reel mowing deal has lead me into the area that lawn boy wet dreams are made of. I do not even know what to say at this point! LRPH is crazy when you reach this client base, almost to a point that I feel guilty. A base that I did not even think was here in my area just opened up to me, but clearly is here. Folks that have money apparently talk and actually appreciate quality in a totally different venue that what even what I would describe as upper middle class . I thought my labor rate per man hour was good for essentially just basic mowing or simple shrub care....the fact is that reel mowing has led me to the promised land. Do not get me wrong I have no problem with my crew mowing lawns that we are making well over $80 a man hour for mowing and basic trim edge blow...but this reel mowing is leading me to a totally different class of customers that understand the importance it plays in the appearance they want....knowing that they can only achieve it one way chemical sub loves me because suddenly 2 to 3 million dollar homes that he cares for.....he has a solution to tell him in Central Florida ...who they can rely on for great reel service and nice employees who speak english without neck tattoos and who do not appear to be casing the is all falling together in a way that I did not ever feel was appropriate for my county besides its annual gross income per is here and I am happy. Loves you all including Green Doc for your info and support in showing me the proper way even besides my hard headedness it is all paying off.
Yea I still can't believe the deal I fell into. I thought my Mclane would remain a novelty for personal use. GreenDoc has given me some invaluable info in setting it up and its daily care. Its great having yards that pay 5x the usual rate. The only problem is right now they are all mine until I get the boys up to speed on these kind of props. Not the usual mow n go with a little trim.
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