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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Yea I still can't believe the deal I fell into. I thought my Mclane would remain a novelty for personal use. GreenDoc has given me some invaluable info in setting it up and its daily care. Its great having yards that pay 5x the usual rate. The only problem is right now they are all mine until I get the boys up to speed on these kind of props. Not the usual mow n go with a little trim.
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Lawn not cross cut=FIRED!, Pattern of mow not changed at every mow=FIRED! Usage of string when an edger or counter-rotating trimmer is going to leave a better finish=FIRED!!!!! You told them how a lawn should be groomed. This is your business and employees who go through the motions and then get you in trouble with your clientele should not be allowed. At the same time, I dispose of the idea of mass productions. I call that MESS production. There is no need to run from lawn to lawn trying to mow 15-20 lawns a day. Not when each one pays way more than the one out of 20 in a day that gets the butcher and blow treatment. I know several mowing operations that I could hand off mowing to. But it would never work because the owner might mean well, however the crew that he sends out to mow my accounts will cut in the same pattern every time, run a dull/out of adjustment machine on the lawn, use string, and just not give a shizz. They also work on the MESS production model. Charge low prices and have to do 50 homes a week per crew to make ends meet. Clients can tell when you are a perfectionist and care about what you are doing. The ones that cannot afford you will be honest about that from the start. The ones for whom quality of work matters pick up on what you are about and have no problems paying accordingly. Rolling a Greensmaster off the truck helps. So does the first time they see a Landscape Blade fired up and cutting grass. Then again, that device looks rather like a medieval weapon even if it is not running.
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