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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
I love ZTR's cuz they're fun to drive. Love my JD ZTR lawn mower cuz it's fun to drive. I also love my 2013 Exmark stand-on aerator. But I thought you were talkin' "spread & spray units"???

NOTE: The only stand-on sprayer/spreader we see on a daily basis is the T3000. We've driven all others (so have many others in our area). We run three T3000's on a daily basis. We transport them on "dual receiver" carrier racks. Unload in about 15 seconds (no need to pull trailers). Production = $1200 - $2500 per day per unit.

One local LCO ditched all his Z-Sprays. Now runs 6 T3000's. hmmm

Our local Scotts Lawn Care thought the Ground Logic was "the best" (for years) ... guess what>>> Yep, they're now buying T3000's. hmmm

PG's used to blanket our market. Now we seldom see them (maybe one every 3 weeks). Z-Sprays .... might see one every month. That's it.

Daily basis = SEVERAL T3000's (over 30 of them in our area that I know of).
Well since I live in turfco's back yard (within a hr) and work within mins of their office once a month you would think I would see a bunch of t's around. Nope, only on a truegreen truck here or there. Rest of the private lco's either zspray or pg's. Local JDL sell 10 sprays to one pg these days.
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