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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
May be time for a new internet provider that took me a millisecond to load. As for that site they are the ones that caught all the acorn employees on tape giving advice on how to get government benefits for your underage illegal immigrant prostitution business. So you may wish to give them a little more credit that actually do something its called reporting.
Breitbart quoting Fox Business? Yeah, bro, I give them a shovelful of fertilizer for credit.

This type of news: A paragraph posted on a media site that is quoting a notoriously-biased media mogul. Remember when people first caught on to fox news?

Ever heard of affirmations? Repeat something enough and people will believe it?

They are just filling their quota.

And your boy Romney wrote the Affordable Care Act back in Massachusetts, because the Dems figured, "how the hell could the Republicans deny this, when it was their chosen one's 'baby'?" Yet, here we are, lol.

Tried to repeal 40 time? Government on shutdown? America doesn't negotiate with terrorists. . .Iran and Syria were easier to negotiate with than the ******* GOP.
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