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Hmm, 2 trucks for mowing. 2 zero turns, 2 32's, 2 21's. And an 48" wb for back up or to get exercise.
We fill up at least every other day. Fill ups are at least $100 per "rig".

"Rig a" one fill Monday, half Tues,wed, thurs, Fri. And one fill every other sat, and sun.= 3 fill (weekly), 5 fill (big weekly).
"Rig b"- averages a fill every other day 5 days a week. So 2.5 fills per week.

So we have 5.5x100=550 per week, and 7.5x100=750 big weekly.

550+550+750+750=$2600 per month.
This DOSE NOT! Include our third truck, or tractor (diesel), or gas for estimates and consultations. That truck pulls the dump trailer for jobs, and the dump hauls the tractor when we need it.
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