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Originally Posted by JDSKIDSTEER View Post
I am not...I am saying I am trying them.....Customers won't pay OEM prices....OEM's are not holding up like they use to....I am hearing this from customers running other brands of equipment.....It is discouraging....I do not have a supllier for Bridgstone. I may need to search for one so I can give the customer a choice...Deere uses DBR brand now.....So far Trellborg seems to be giving more bang for the buck, but I won't promise anything when it comes to tracks anymore. We use to get a couple hundren more hours on all our aftermarket tracks....I think price demand is dictacting the quality they are putting out.
My Tak salesman customers are still getting good service out of there OEM tracks. No change in quality that he has seen. Aftermarkets are almost half price so why would anyone expect equivalent service? The quality control on any of the chinese tracks is unverifiable. Camoplast are better than the Chinese stuff but not as good as the Bridgestone. I really abused my tracks and I got 1200 hours out of the oem. If I get 600 too 800 out of the Camoplast I will be satisfied. The camoplast tread design on there regular duty track is more prone too damage than the tracks with pads. If I had it too do over I would get the extreme duty track due too the tread pattern.
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