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Originally Posted by rootytalbot View Post
Being serious here ---
Wow. That's a lot to read. Some could be omitted. Most average homeowners do not like a lot legal mumbo jumbo in my (unproven, just guessing) opinion.
I could not read it all. Does it have a clause that says if any part of the contract is found "not enforceable" the rest remains in force.

Too much stuff for my taste. I mean, I like it, but just figuring that out of 10 "free estimates", you will be the only one with a contract. That much reading might be a turn off to some folks. It might work on established clients, though. And it does not seem balanced. It seems to favor the author a little.

Who let's "some yard guy" write down their card number with security code, et al? Not me, that's for sure. I would need a security reference in there that assures me that my card number is safe, at the very least.

Maybe do a front and back. Legal crap on the front and break it into paragraphs with headers and then put all the multitude of service offerings on the back. And spread them out a little. It kinda reminds me of one of those health forms that asks if you have ever had any of the "following 500 dieases" -- and then there is a yes/no check box with 500 hundred diseases listed.

Rip rip tear. "Hey honey, what was the name of that kid with mower behind his bike? You still got his number?"
I disagree. You should be able to explain what it means if they ask, but whats the point of having a contract if it doesn't completely protect you.

I would have them choose their desired services and prices separately and write it in the contract as an item/price agreement.

I don't have contracts for my maintenance, but I have auto-pay application forms that say to run the card for landscape services (no amount).
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