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I rarely drop the mowing height below 3.5" even for winter. Last mowing of the season on this lawn is late November.

I'll have to retake some pics today after mowing again at 4.5" 4.25" and repost and show the taller mowed areas not looking as shaggy. Even with low overnight temps and shorter considerably cooler days the tall 4"+ grass is still growing and far from dormant. Also before frost takes out my dandelions...they need to be aggressively spot sprayed.

Since this lawn is 1/3 of a mile off the main road not many folks see except for the neighbors who share the road.

I'm mowing my commercial account today and I also have been mowing it at 4.25"/4.5" range. Thinking about dropping it down to 3.625" with my Q32 with G6 gators.

I will fully admit that mowing this high does cause it to grow faster and stay greener even when many lawns struggle to maintain during the summer heat.

I have two residential accounts that I also mow at 4.25/4.5" and after 5 days they do look shaggy. Any delays past 7 days [rain]...they flat out have to be double cut.
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