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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
I give you credit for running that test in your own yard. My wife would send me back out to finish mowing

Interesting, but I would not call that lower area scalped. It would also be interesting if you could pull samples, gently wash off the soil, and show difference in root length or mass for the two different heights after a month or so of mowing them differently. The side-by-side test definitely has value.
I will continue to maintain these test strips for 2014. Then I will dig down in mid season and see if there is a detectable difference in root depth. Today I'm going add more test strip down to 2.25" and 2.75". Height adjustment with the TimeMaster 30 is insanely quick and easy.

A few of my clients insist on mowings below 3.0". I really cringe at anything below 2.75". As I have said before for those who don't dictate the "mow it lower" drill I shoot for 3.25" for KBG mix. Nicer color less struggles... just easier to manage.

Special bonus offers are going out for all application clients who can maintain 3.25"+ most of the season and extra special offers for those who can handle 3.5"+.
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