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Another member here removed his limiter plate and got considerably more speed out of his LS 21. I have not even used mine for hire this year. I have heard some folks gripe about turning the Plugr but once you get the feel for the machine Iíd rather run the Plugr since you can make pretty sharp almost right angle turns. Doing 3 point turns with the Lawn Solutions is time wasted since I can literally get a 90 degree turn out of the Plugr when you let the tines propel the machine and you push down on the control bar and force a 90 degree turn.

Forget side hills with the LS21. It is too narrow and you end up fighting the machine. Best to go up and down. Traversing side hills hands down for the Plugr Hydro. Given a choice between going up or down a steep hill...with the Plugr hydro going UP is easier. Since the tines also drive the machine forward you basically need to use the front hydro as a brake to slow the machine down....going down hill. I donít think Iíd own a non-hydro Plugr. Even on flat ground the hydro drive is well worth having in transport mode.

If youíre going to get a Toro/Exmark ride on I guess you could do double passes to make up for the lack of plugs in one pass compared to the Plugr hydro.

The Toro/Exmark ride-on has the same pattern as the LS21. 3.5" L/R x 9" Fore and Aft. and yes the 9" is actual on my lawn. Plugr is 75% more dense in a single pass. 100% more dense than the LS dual hydro.

The entire more plugs angle has been tricky to market. People tune out and are easily confused that more is better......... I have never given up hope that the smart ones actually get it.

Here is a time lapse video of both machines in a thatchy lawn in early Spring.

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