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Thank you so much!

I like the plug density of the plugr as you do.

If i read you right, the lawn solutions machine is easier in turns, but more time consuming. Is that fair to say? But the plugr is better for hills?

And how would you compare the plugr hydro to the 26" ryan or blue bird machines for ease of use? A local rental place has an old pl600 i think i will rent to try. Obviously its not a hydro, but may give me some idea of what i'd be getting into.

I am actually more likely to get a turfco xt5 than a lawn solutions/toro machine. I just mentioned the toro bc it is similar and it is what you have to compare. Any thoughts on the xt5?

I, like you, am obsessed with plug density and pattern. I have read your posts avidly and watched your demo video numerous times.

I want the plugr. I guess my biggest concern with the plugr is ease of use. Currently i go over my lawns 2,3 or more times for good aeration with my lawnaire v. It stinks. I am beat after 4 lawns. I want to improve this situation.

What i worry about is my wrists getting fatigued from pushing down on the control bar of a plugr to pivot the machine. I do run a lawn solutions seeder and it is operated similarly. I occasionally get wrist pain if im doing little areas where the front end is in the air more than it is on the ground (e.i. slicing across the little strips between sidewalk and street). But you probably dont do much like that with the plugr right?

Also do you spread seed when you aerate?

Thanks again!
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