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Flat fans are extremely misty. AI is the Teejet air inducted flat fan tips. Have you ever seen the Spraying Systems catalog? There are charts that compare average spray droplet size between types of nozzles and then droplet sizes between each nozzle volume. An AI tip of equal volume puts out a much coarser spray at the same pressure vs a straight cut flat fan. Flat fans are actually not usable on most days in my area. A calm day is when the wind blows only 10 MPH without swirling or shifting directions.

That truck mount boom is mostly used for really rough turf and OPEN FIELDS. No way in H-L would I drive on a turf area that would rut or track from it. Most fine turf is in smaller areas that are barely accessible to my 36" wide greensmower. You are not going to get anything that you drive on most of my lawns. I also mentioned a tow behind estate sprayer capable of handling what is normally applied to St Augustine or zoysia grass. Warm season grasses frequently need products that are not clear liquids. A 12V electric pump is fine for dispensing Three Way or RoundUp. A better pump capable of handling suspended solids is much better.
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