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Jobber and SAP

Hi guys

Love this site. I have been reading it for months and have found a huge amount of info.

For the past few months I have been researching lawn care software and have found jobber and sap to match what I need quite well.

Currently I have 2 crews and have been running off run sheets.
I like the idea of them working with mobiles or tablets but I wonder about mobile data reliability.
At the moment I send email invoices when I get home and many of our clients receive a written invoice in their letterbox once job has been completed.

I found most of the run sheets in these app do not have all the details eg. Price.
Which makes it hard for the crew to write out an invoice.

How do you fix this issue? Would I print out all of the invoices for clients that get them in their letterbox? This makes things hard if extra services are added on the spot.

Also if anyone has looked at jobber and sap, both seems to meet my needs now but wonder if sap has many more options that might come in handy as I grow and try to improve my workflow etc.

Apart from these 2 apps I have tested 4-5 others and my head hurts

I look forward to your thoughts.

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