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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
The term "consentrate" was told to me by Amsoil techline when I called them before my switch. I was very concerned running 100:1 at the time.

I would not run HP Ultra at 100:1. To me it seems the HP Ultra has a much thinner viscosity compared to the Amsoil Saber.
Just like looking at oil to see if it's dirty or used up, looking at oil to determine viscosity can't be done.

The reasons I gave for being able to use Amsoil at lean mix ratios are the reasons why you can do it. Not because Amsoil is a concentrate. If you can find it anywhere in official Amsoil print, then I'll believe it. Believe it or not, there are people out there that will tell you anything to get you to buy something.

Read this...

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