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We use SAP. I invoice at the end of each month. About half of them are email invoices and the other half are postage mail. As long as you have pretty good data coverage in your service area you will be fine. If my crew can't connect at one property, they just jot it down and enter the job info when they have service again at the next place or whatever. It definitely makes my job a lot easier. They soon plan to have a self contained app that will store everything on your phone and then up load the info when you have service. We've been quite happy and it has helped to streamline a lot of areas and help grow the business. You can log phone calls and or comments that customers make and you can see all kinds of info. The online customer portal is sweet and helps customers who are away, be able to login to their account and see what they owe, pay with a credit card or whatever. It automatically gets sent to our account. Nice and slick. Both are decent programs, pick one that fits your needs the most.
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