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should I fire?

I have a employee crew leader who takes off without any notice. he text me a day latter to say that his out of state nephew has attempted suicide, and his sister is a wreck. that he will need 5 days off.

now my problem with this is.

1. my wife, at her job only gets three days off for a death. but I am supposed to give him 5 cause his sister needs him there?

2. We are near end of season ad we have already laid off most of the crew. we kept the senior guys to get hem as many hours as possible.

3.this is not the first time, he has just taken off.

I advised that I would give him a day and then we we are done in 10 days he could go for a couple weeks before we started fall work.

he refused saying hands where tied and he was staying til at least Wednesday.

I feel I need to move on and let him go. I mean if it was a his kid or wife that would be a little more understandable to me. but it's a outta state nephew who is ok no and in the hospital, he is staying cause in his words "his sisters a wreck"

any advise would be great.

I just get tired of having employees dictate what they will and will not do.

also does anyone have employees who tell them, I bust my ass for you?

this seems like a odd quote to me considering I pay you $15-$18a hour?

your not busting your ass for me you are doing it for a paycheck? when did it become you asteroid g me a favor if you are getting paid, and paid well?

why do employees have a hard time understanding that I'm there employer not there buddy?

advise please?
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