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Originally Posted by griffy77 View Post
I loved my old redmax trimmers had the 32cc. Since husquavarna bought redmax i have noticed the quality drop way low. I have bought 3 new redmax trimmers with the new stratocharge enginge and have had all in the shop. I use non ethanol gas and keep the filters clean but for some reason after a while they begin to lose power?

Anyone else run into the same problem with their new redmax trimmer.

love to find some never used old models of redmax.

I think i will be selling my new redmax gear and going with stihl next year
It isn't just Redmax. All small 2 stroke machines are suffering/going down hill under the weight of all the obama adminstration's overbearing epa regs.

Using a good quality 2 stroke oil helps as does using the best gas you can find. Your oil may be causing your exhaust screens to plug up as well as the ports. Check them. Maybe that's all that is causing your power loss.
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