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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
I never heard of a car acccident caused from the driver being under the influence of marijuana.
here's one close to me.
I didn't have to search hard, she was my granddaughter's teacher. Note the fellows last name friend.

If you're really concerned then the answer is easy. Stop hiring Americans. Most Latinos do not even smoke cigarettes. And very very very few are pot smokers. Once again another Problem solved by super duper looper Andrew Hardscape.

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As I stated above, look at the fellows last name, yup he's Mexican, by the way, before you tell me that I am biased, all of my grand kids are half Mexican.

I don't know if this is regional or not but we have the Mexican cartel growing weed and cooking crank by the bus load in our little piece of the rock.

Of all of the guys that I have hired and fired in around 40 years, the Mexicans, blacks, Indians and whites all shared the same traits when it came to stealing, no show, trouble making etc.

None are better than the other, they are all humans.
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