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Originally Posted by peeklandscaping View Post
Hey dude I know this is an old thread but... l love the setup!! Going to get a F250 for this fall w the same sort of setup. How does the truck handle the weight of vac in front/ leaves and dump insert in back? Can you still pull a mower trailer ok?
How did you mount that vac, and what's the tubing you use to run into the box. Sorry for a lot of questions- you got the exact setup I'm looking for!
I installed a front mount hitch behind the front bumper and had a custom platform welded to place the leaf loader onto. I also have firestone airbags installed in the rear suspension which helps carry the load easily. The truck handles fine with the loader on the front, box full of leaves, and pulling my 20ft enclosed trailer. I definitely don't drive fast when pulling all that wait and always look ahead at what's coming up in the road.
Just a piece of advice. While I've never had a problem driving this rig in CT I have a good customer of mine who is a mass DOT statey and says my rig is 100% illegal according to federal DOT laws. The gas tank on top of the leaf loader mounted on the front of the truck is illegal. He said if I ran a gas line from the trucks gas tank to the loader then that would be legal.
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