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Originally Posted by FrostCreek View Post
You are so high out of your mind, grandpa. First to say that "fox is at the best center left", man, you must be so right that you're spinning in circles and calling the far right the other end! The democratic party is, at its best, center left, ever since Clinton proved a more moderate road was more economically feasible. . .and the mouthpiece of the Republican party certainly does NOT parrot the values of the Dems!

And when we say Romney, we mean the Romney administration (just as when we say Obama). And when we say the Romney administration, we are talking about the people he hires and directs to do what he wants to best represent his plan. He had a team working on Universal Healthcare, because, in the supermajority (one word, dip ****) of which you spoke (yay, a correct fact, good job), he felt diversifying this think tank would insure greater bipartisanship, which it did, evidenced by the fact that it was endorsed by Ted Kennedy himself.
Universal Healthcare and tax reform were his babies, because they would win him a re-election and improve his resume for his presidential run, following his re-election. . .
Now they will have to remove 2 posts. Won't be the first time.
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