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Thanks for all the info!

Do you ever spread seed in conjunction with aeration? If so do you have any tips to share? Do you spread seed after you aerate or before? I keep going back and forth and cant decide which is best.

I ask this question because i also use a slice seeder in very thin areas. It would be nice to have an aerator that would prep all these areas in one process. I know you can "till" with the plugr. When you do that do you spread seed before you till those areas to work it in, or do you spread the seed after you aerate it?

Thank you!

Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Toro 44,

Sounds like you are a candidate for a Plugr Hydro....if in fact you are going over lawns twice. Like I said before I had complaints from clients who I had previosuly done aerations with my PL850. I then found myself going over them twice which took much more time than the single pass with the PL850.... I even felt a tad guilty that the clients where getting less than the best. Yeah a bit deeper, but whereís the beef...?

I picked up my 2nd PL850 used on a fire sale for $2500 in Southern Idaho with less than 10/15 hours on it...if that. Basically a new unit. Look for a used PL850 online. I would have to agree Iíd lean more towards and Xt5 than the LS/Toro/Exmark 21 due to feed back from users who have used and owned both units. Moderate turns with the LS 21 are easy enough but U turns are tough and frankly easier with the PL850 hydro. The end of the line you make a hard 180 degree U turn basically like the eye of needle...lift tines back up with hydro then hit the spot you missed in the eye of the to speak. 90 degree turns are much easier for me with the Plugr than the LS21. Maybe not at first but once you learn the is.

The Hydro Plugr is more versatile and the front drive will take you most anywhere and the center of gravity is low. The expense of burning through tines with the Plugr is another issue. Charge a bit more to pay for tines. On larger estate properties I can actually detect tine wear after a few hours of running. I have a pile of worn through Plugr tines I have considered welding traditional beak type tines from standard machines. I have heard of others doing just this but it would have to be economically feasible.

Years ago I had also thought of a LS ride on. For a number of factors I have decided against it. I think the added speed of the Ride on would be a great help even if you went over lawns twice to match the PL850/855. I donít do enough bigger lawns IMO for it to be worth it for me. Just rather market to smaller and moderate sized lawns.
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