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I haven't heard to many stories of the affect the gov shutdown has had on our industry but my oldest son is an apprentice airplane mechanic. The firm he works for and the FAA has signed off for him to take his exams and test for his licenses. He (I) have paid (months ago) reservations for the two week class, testing and hotel reservations in Tennessee. We live on the coast so it is not a short drive. He is supposed to be there this weekend to start classes. He glanced at the schools website last night and on the first page it states that due to the gov shutdown, testing will not take place. A call from the school would have been nice. Now he is just waiting to see if the gov opens back up and if so, do they have time to meet the testing requirements. This is not a cheap endeavor and quite frankly sucks. Try to advance your career and the gov says......not so fast!
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