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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
My customers sit around watching FOX news all day. They think Obama is the anti Christ. That the world is coming to end like in the book of Revelations. That Obama is going to give their SS checks to China. That Obama Care is going to put them on a Alien ship so they can get "probed". The others have lost money in the stock market. The last thing they care about is getting their grass cut
I wish I were kidding
That's Funny!

I kid you not outside of Lawnsite and the TV I have not had one single person mention to me anything about government shutdown and or the debt limit. Not even one, customer, friend, home depoit check out babe NONE whatsoever.

Gas is down, stocks are up, and IM eating 4.99$ NY steak this afternoon, whens the last time you could buy a good steak for under 8$ per pound. Just saying Im actually doing slightly better under the government shutdown
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