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I have had pretty good luck with the HDY battery wreaths, but they are kinda funky on the timers. they are 6 hours on, 18 hours off, and you have to be there at 6pm to flip the switch the first time. and they last about 40 days or so. but kinda dim. you have to have a dark front porch or windows for them to look good. I use the batteries from harbor fright because they are the cheapest alkalines I could find. I think a much better and elegant solution would be a big cheap lithium rechargeable battery pack. for 25 bucks on ebay, you can get 8 18650 lithium cells, a charger, and this has basically the same energy available in amp hours as 8 1.5 D alkaline batteries. except you can just charge it once or twice per season. and it would last for 20 years at only one or two discharges per year. or go crazy and spend 35 bucks and get a 12 cell pack that lasts 60 days on one charge. but that's just me.
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