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Originally Posted by xclusiveTN View Post
1. I have a large front yard and wanted to use mp's for the precip rate but it would be less heads for sure if I went with a small rotor. When designing systems do the pros design for looks or the most efficient? My front yard is 80x40 rectangle and I want to know is it better to choke down mp3000 or hope that the mp2000 does as it say and will reach 20ft. There is about 4ft elevation change between the front of the yard at the street sloping down to the house.
I wouldn't bet on the MP2000 hitting 20 feet reliably unless you have a nozzle pressure of 50-55 PSI. That said, you might be able to hit it with a RB 1806-SAM-P45 (regulated @ 45 PSI) and the MP2000.

If you can't get it done with the MP2000 then your only choice with the MPRotators would be to put the MP3000 on a RB 1806-SAM-PRS body (regulated @ 30 PSI) and adjust down with the radius screw.

Originally Posted by xclusiveTN View Post
2. I have 80psi water pressure (even had the city come out and check it as well to verify). I live in a cul de sac so no more houses will be built on our street. It it better for me to get a pressure regulator off the water meter or should I buy individual pressure regulator bodies for the mp's I will be using? What pressure regulator would you recommend? What body would you suggest I use with the mp's?
Doesn't matter if no more houses are being built in your cul-de-sac. If there are houses still being built that uses the same city main as the one that serves your cul-de-sac then there is a potential loss of static pressure.

80 PSI is too high for house plumbing and fixtures and IMO it needs to be regulated down. For your irrigation I would shoot for something in the 50-60 range at the valve as it sounds like you are on a postage stamp lot. Personally I would regulate them independently (house and irrigation supplies).

What body to use .... see question 1.

Originally Posted by xclusiveTN View Post
3. Do you normally design the main line (pvc) for the shortest length possible. I would like to put my backflow prev on the side of the house out of view but in order for me to do that my run will be approx 150ft. Is this still ok for 1in pvc (the rest of my system will be poly) or would you recommend increasing my mainline size?
Don't worry about it. 1" will most likely be fine, but you need to crunch the numbers to be certain.
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