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I put around 40 hrs. on an new HD and for my grasses it worked better than the xr7 or earlier standard deck. Cut was as clean and discharge was a little better but of course this is a new deck that still has the paint on it's bottom side. Seat was amazing but a little ugly. Hyper Drive was even faster, verging on almost too fast which I never thought I'd say and is as smooth and slightly more responsive. I believe the hydro cooling fan is now switched on by a temp sensitive switch instead of running all the time like previous models. HD is a few inches taller but held the hills as well. G6 blades made little difference in my grasses. May have chopped up clippings a little more and may have lost a little lift over OEM high lifts. Striper kit is crazy expensive. Still no DFI or EFI available and the 1000FX IS THIRSTY.

I'm going to probably buy two in the spring or two Cheetahs depending on who has fuel injection. Like both the Scag and the SZ better than the Exmark X other than the X has sweet fuel injection and makes clippings less of an issue.
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