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I've decided to take the trencher down to a 4' dig depth. I'm also going to run all bullet teeth without cups and see how it does. I struggled with the decision to keep it at 5' dig depth but I think that extra foot of play is going to cause problems and it is a lot longer than I thought it would be for hauling purposes. Believe it or not, at 4' dig depth, the trencher is nearly 8' long and will still weigh about 2k lbs. That's lot of weight on any skid.

I'm looking forward to getting it back. Been on the fence a lot about whether I should have just cleared more brush and used the mini ex to trench but we needed some depreciation, I had a need, and I think it will compliment the excavator. If it doesn't work for what I need it for, I think I might sell it and put the money towards a harley rake or small dump truck. Now I just need a good helper. I'm running out of butts to put in the machines.

I'll update when I get to test it again.

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