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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
You guys are spoiled.. Heated seats.. Geesh. What's next, air conditioning?
Seriously, I don't know if the heated seat would be a big deal for me where I live but you northern climate folks will probably make it a popular option. A/C in the seats, though, that would go a long way towards comfort down in Texas where your butt gets stuck to the vinyl from March through October.

I personally like the gadgets and updated look on some of the new machines. I also enjoyed running my late 1950's JD but for all-day comfort and quick access to vitals, a modern control panel with lockouts and information beyond temp, fuel and hours is desirable.

As I make the transition to more and more compact excavator work (hopefully), I am looking for more comfort. I'm VERY comfortable in my Bobcat M series cab but still get beat to hell on rough terrain and don't have near the room I would in a mini ex. If the cabs continue to evolve into Captain Kirk's chair with joysticks, I think I spend the majority of my time working the excavators.
I hate running a skid steer. I would much rather run an Excavator.

Talked to my mulcher manufacturer and he said the Cat 308 is a beast with his 30 inch head. Rivals some 160 class machines.
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