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Originally Posted by williams lcm View Post
With the lack of heavy rain and a little bit cooler the grass is slowing down. I see the happy faces hanging out of trucks as I drive by. I am glad that most propertys really don't need much string trimming. This saves a ton of time. I have been skipping most of my Bahia lawns. How are your lawns doing growth wise?
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Originally Posted by billslawn89 View Post
Ya! I am one of those with a happy face! Its been one week without rain and I noticed a few Bahia lawns starting to dry out yesterday. I believe in my area was record rainfall this year so I'm enjoying it! String trimming the swales at some properties was a pain this year! They held water most of the season, but it was worth doing because you see some yards with 4 foot tall weeds in them and look like crap. I might be able to skip some lawns next week as well.
Love this time of year
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