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He is a good employee. You had no intentions of firing him prior to this.

You laid off people already for the season. So you have a pool of people that you can choose from to bring back a person for a week or two.

He needs two weeks off with out pay then let him have them.

Just because you can do something does not mean you have to or makes it the best decision.

I also think your other employees would think you are being fair in giving him a break.

I have had many employers that gave 5 days for a death.

My SIL works in the office for a service company. Well established, good customer base. The owner has given many loans to his employees to buy a car, and other family emergencies. Then pay back through payroll deduction. He has had many leave before they finished paying. Many have stayed as well. He has never gone after those that left before the loan was paid.

He makes money hand over fist.
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