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Suggestions on my leaf box

Hey ya'll, I was looking for some input and suggestions on designing a leaf box for my dump trailer. I've looked over almost every rig on this thread and it seems there are a lot of similarities and yet everyone does it a little differently.

I'm planning on running the 13hp loader off the back barn doors of my 6'x10' dump trailer, as you can see in the picture. My question to you all is, considering how high the discharge chute sits on the trailer, how high should I make my sides?

I was planning on adding an additional 24" to the existing sides I have now, to make the height of the walls 63" from the floor of the trailer. The top of the discharge chute comes up to about 54" from the floor of the trailer. This would leave me with approx. 10" of clearance. Is 54" tall enough or am I going to fill it up too fast?

My other question is what to do for the top, should I cover it with plywood with vents or just buy a mesh tarp and cover it with that? I'm concerned the discharged debris might mess up the mesh tarp if I use it as a top.

Thanks in advance!
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