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NOOOOOO! A common mistake I see is adding more organic matter to a soil that already has 5% or more organic matter. I do believe in the soluble humic acid supplements for soil aggregation and chelation of nutrients. However, my talk with most people centers around how compost is not a magic powder. Any greening they see from that is from the 0.5% N. That lasts all of 30-60 days. Then it has to be done again. Compost is also high in salts. Something else, that I already have plenty of. GIGO(garbage in, garbage out).

On grass clippings: I do not collect clippings. On a well fertilized lawn that is mowed to the correct height for the species of grass, they decompose rapidly on contact with the soil. GIGO. This does not work if this is attempted with a starved lawn. When I get such a lawn to tend, the clippings are collected until nutritional status is corrected.
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