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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
I hate running a skid steer. I would much rather run an Excavator.

Talked to my mulcher manufacturer and he said the Cat 308 is a beast with his 30 inch head. Rivals some 160 class machines.
I imagine running a mulching off an excavator platform would be ergonomically a lot more comfortable and less maintenance because the head (and dust) are that much further from the machine.

I saw a Bobcat 442 with a backpack power source for a mulching head on another forum. I'd like to see a compact excavator with 40 gpm for running a head. Even if it was only 30" head, that could do some damage.
I think we will see it in a few years. I don't see why a 12k lb machine couldn't have a 90 hp motor as its counterweight to support that type of performance.

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