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Hey guys, so I once again re tapped the hydro housing... This time I added studs inside the holes instead of bolts and also bored out the holes on the charge pump cover a little to add a hint of space so I don't bind anything up.

My question now is... Althought it seems to be holding up good with no signs of leaks, I can't seem to get it to stay purged of air. Not sure if that's even the issue but when the mower sits over night it seems like I have to re purge it and allow it to run under no load before I can use it. Also sometimes when I stop and idle down than idle back up I will lose power to the wheels. Yet at a low idle the wheels seem to get power fine.

I'm at end the end of the road on this one and just want to try and finish out the season with this mower.

Any ideas on what the issue may be this time would be great.
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